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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update on Everything

First things first and kinda the most important thing at least the entire reason why I started this blog. Im currently trying to get a local support group started for CHD Im in the process of getting it official. I need a simple name so if any of you guys have any ideas then feel free to contact me with it.

Next my knee is I guess healing up ok it very swollen Im only putting a little weight on my knee and still using crutches, my next appt is April 18. Im hoping & praying that this will be my last knee surgery and Im still ready to start my fitness thing back up its been over 5 months but I cant do it due to knee. But soon I hope I will be able to and get back into shape.

A little personnal issue inside my family my only mamaw that is still living is not doing to good. She has an illness she has lumbar stenosis. She is 80 year's old and she has never been one to stay down but we had to order a hospital bed for her we sat it up in her living room. Its so sad to see her like that I dont like seeing her in pain. I know her staying in bed is driving her crazy.

Thats about it and if anyone wants to help me with this blog like make it cute or something please contact me I just cant seem to get the blog all nice & Cute any help would be great thanks guys.

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