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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Thoughts on Just about Everything

I first want to start by saying I hope evreyone had a safe and happy Easter this past weekend. Again Im sorry about my lack of not updating this blog, I have never been one to just sit down and write blogs. With everything I have delt with in my life I thought it might would help someone else, even if I can only help one person with my blog then it is well worth it.

I know that I started this blog mainly for CHD world, however my venting helps me more then anyone could ever know. So the last few weeks I have been doing some major thinking about different things and people and some thigns do annoy me but I have learned and I am still learning that I dont care what people think I am who I am and I am not going to change for anyone. If God accepts me for who I am then so should my so called friends or at least people who I have trusted in and became friends with. Then one day bam a big slap in the face and this was not the first time a so called friend of mine had did this to me. I personally do not care but the fact that it is over something stupid and then you go onto social networks and trash talk me. Its over so get over it. I will never understand why some people keep things going and why you try to get my other friends to not talk to me. It annoys me and I guess some people have nothing better to do but enough is enough just let it go.

On to the CHD world I must admitt the mouth of April has been the saddest month for me I have cried so many tears for our CHD Warriors who has gained their angel wings this month. I sometime wonder howcome I lived and the others didnt. I know we are not suppose to question God he does what he does for reasons we sometimes dont understand, but it is still very hard to hear about.  Lets all keep all the family's who have lost someone due to CHD in our thoughts and Prayer's and lets also keep in mind that those ones who have lost their life with CHD they will no longer have to suffer a life long battle of hospital stays, surgeries they no longer have to suffer and that is a good thing but still very sad.

I am still working with Children's Heart Foundation to get a Walk date set for CHD awareness some of it has been planned out. I will tell my story, talk about Pulse Ox Testing, and other common things in that nature I just hope we have a good turn out. I dont have all the date set just yet Im still trying to find a venue or area to do the walk this is what my hold up is, seems no one knows what CHD is and is not willing to listen, but dont panic I will find a place that my friends is a promise.

A brief update on me I will go to ortho dr the end of this month, my knee is still pretty swollen and causing some major pain, I am limited to what I am able to do at this time. When I went to see the dr last week he informed me that it will take anywhere from 4-6mths to even notice if the surgery worked, and 6-12mths for at least an 75% come back to my knee, so I will never get 100% usage back of my knee, a little upsetting but I have been through worse in my life.

Now as far as my heart goes with the new findings of a Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation, I am being sent back to my old pediatric cardiologist because the cardio clinic I have been going to they do not speacilize in CHD with adults that was born with CHD. I have a gut feeling Dr. J will call for a heart cath either way I think the fact That I dont know anything about the Tricuspid valve is what has me so up tight these last few weeks, the unkonwn is very scary. I mean when I had my OHS I was 6 and was told I was going to a room to play ghostbusters I did not know anything or what was happing. I am 25 now and a little worried but I guess that I will deal with anything once that issue happens. Then a months back one adult cardio dr had said something about going ahead and closing my PDA that has never been closed but why mess with something that is not even causing promblems. I will give updates towards the end of the month on this when I see both doctors both appointments are in the same week.