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Monday, September 19, 2011


Well yesterday was the day I had open heart surgery for the first time in my life. I was only 6 years old and I didnt know to many detail of what was happing. I know my favorite cardio dr came in and told me we were going to play ghost busters and momma had to stay here it was a game just for me. I actually walked into what I now know was the OR room and it was cold and white and my dr said I had to lay on the table and put a mask on to play ghost busters. That is all I can remember, I woke up in my momma's arms and I can remember saying I didnt play ghost busters I just put a mask on. I was just a kid then and thinking back was so funny to me now.

I do not remember to much about my hospital stay that trip I was always in the hospital when I was little but I do know that when I went home I could not attend school for at least a month or so I was home schooled. My class made all kinds of nice pictures for me. My teacher made me a really big poster with all my classmates handprints and their names, I still have all the things that was given to me durning my surgery recovery time. I have the teddy bears and a flower pot cat the old deflated balloons and cards my mickey mouse books.

It was hard growing up with CHD when I was little I did not know it was CHD i just knew I felt and looked different and kids were always so cruel to me calling me names. The only friends I had was teachers until High School I started meeting a few friends thanks to Band and ROTC.

I graduated High School when no one said I would I did it to prove doctor's wrong, I then went to college and graduated college when they said I would even be able to go to college.

I am proud of my CHD it has made me who I am today and I here to tell my story and help anyone else with CHD the best I can.

In honor of my CHD I am getting a CHD tattoo this week I am so excited to be honest not a tattoo person but I want something on me that represents who I am and what I stand for, and so people will say hey whats that and I can say CHD and tell them all about it.

I was about 7mths or so 

This was right before my OHS (you can see how pale I looked even with the make up dress up)

This was taken this year when the local newspaper ran my CHD story in the paper 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whatever hurts you wont kill you its all but a dream in the end

I am truly sorry for the very long waited blog it has been a long time and I know that I need to at least update once a week.

So I will do HEART news first I am not sure if you guys know this but I finally got It's My Heart-Shreveport chapter going however I have not had the first meeting way to much stuff has been happing it is like I get up and start to work on IMH and Bam something happens. But that is the way things work I suppose you take the good with the bad it's just a part of life.  Hopefully I can sit down clear my mind and start to work on the first meeting this is something I really wanted but it seems it has just been a rough time here for me and my family.

My Knee I am still fighting with I have been going to PT for a while now, my knee is still extremly tender and sore on the inside of the knee I go back to ortho appt early oct.

Now onto personnal things first the past two weeks has been the weeks from Hell and there is no better way to put that. First we had a fire accident that was literally way to close to home. what had happend was our neighbors tree fell knocked down our utility pole split it in half and when the pole hit the ground cause a spark and the yard caught on fire. We are blessed that our house did not catch fire and that it did not go past the dog gate side. We were out of power for an entire week but everything is back on again and running the way it should be.

More personal battles with me something much deeper then I thought I would even discuss on this blog but I said to myself hey why not maybe even get some feedback on everything.
So most of yall know I had a great boyfriend and about two weeks ago we called it quits it all started over mis understanding and no one talking to each other. However since the break up so much stuff has come to the open and I listin to what all is said but in the end the only thing that matters is how I feel and what I think is going to be the best for me. I spent one week crying myself to sleep and hurting over this break up and I felt all alone and if it was not for my good friend "Boo" then I dont think I could have gotten this far. My mom has also been a great big help I have a few facebook friends who also tried to help me. Then I found out that a really close friend was suppose to be like my best friend had something to do with a few mis understandings in the start now of course I can not prove it but I do feel in my heart of hearts and that makes it worse my mama always taught me to go with my gut.

But enough of that I have decided last night that I am not going to wait around hoping and wishing things were right between us again as much as I would love them to be just sitting around doing nothing makes me feel worse. So I am doing more work outs still no running with the entire knee issue which sucks cause running has always helped me with thoughts so I just walk and I have an ab machine I will start on now and an cardio machine that I need to get started on it is filled with dust but I I know that my health and getting back in shape is my #1 goal for now if things are ment to be they will find there way back and if not its best not to keep it going only time will tell. I have to focus more on CHD anyway and my health and raising awarness for CHD is the most important thing right now.

Do not get me wrong I am still having a hard time with things but I I have to keep going at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I will try to blog more often then I have been