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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Physical Therapy for the Knee

This afternoon was my first Physical Therapy (PT) since my knee sururgy since almost 3 months ago. Let me start with what Dale my Therapist was telling me before we ever started the Therapy session. He examed both of my knees and mesaured both of my knees and then discussed options and out comes. Dale is a great Therapist really connects with patients and makes sure I am ok, but honstley I feel that has a lot to do with the stunt I pulled in 2009. Same Theraphy hospital just different Therapist however Dale was there the day I blew up on David. See what had happen was I was trying to talk to David and he wouldnt listen I told him if he bent my knee anymore he was going to break it yes the point was to bend the knee but you have to work it in there and not force it I have been through way to many Therapy session to know that, besides even Dale said forceing it makes it worse. So anyway back to the present time I will start with My left knee which is my good knee, Dale says anything past 100 on the scales of measurments can cause damage on knees and joints but he is not blaming me. The right knee went down so it put the left knee into over work mode and when I use full forse and log my leg while lifting I can stretch the leg 110 degrees. It may not be much now but he wants to bring it down to 100 or even lower. Dale told me today that my right knee will never be 100% and he is not even going to try to make at 100%.
 So Dale told me today that due to the fact that my misalignment of knee cap has been out of place for over a year before it showed up on x-rays  wait let me correct myself before I found a doctor that believe me and look for something. AnywaysHe felt around on the knee cap in general and what he feels from the direct knee cap he even made me feel it was strange, but the knee cap has been out of alignment for a long time and so therefore the knee cap got use to it being out of alignment. And after 1 year and 8 months of not being corrected its not so easy to just let the knee cap fall back into place. Now If the surgery would have been done within the first 6mth then it was have just slide right along. What Dale & I have felt you can feel that the knee cap was fixed however the knee cap is wanting to slide out of postion again, thats the way it has been for over a year. Dale said that he will promise that this will fix it becasue as of today the knee cap could go either way but as of 4:15pm this afternoon it was trying to slide back out of alignment. What Dale is going to do is stregthen my quads and joints on the knee but he said even that may not help. If that knee cap muscles or the knee cap itself goes any further then it will break, its not like a break you think its a break that will un do everything that was done in surgery. If that happens then another trip to the OR for me this time with a hospital stay and cutting deep into the bone and thats will be the mannual way of fixing a misalignment of the knee cap. But there is a little hope that PT will help its so hard to tell at this moment in time. ANother issue we have to watch is when you hold you leg up in a locked postion everything is suppsoe to hold itself up well my knee cap drops at a 2.5 degree, and anything over 3 means a cane or crutch for me for awhile or even forever, Dale says it is so close that if it drops anymore then he will put me on a cane. So we have to watch that as well has the knee cap.

But what makes everything more diffucult for me is my unkonwn chest tightness Dale was concerned about that and even made me rest between exercises whitch is why it took me so long in PT today he checks my blood pressue, pulse ox after each excercise due to my chest tightness.

I go to Dr Googe (Ortho dr) on Monday May 23, 2011 and I go back to PT on Thursday and maybe even Friday depends on how Thursday goes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

When It Rains It Pours...

I first want to go ahead and get the knee update out of the way, I will have my first PT appoinment tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. I am not certain if it will help my knee I mean it is the first appoinment since the 2nd surgery that was about 3 months ago. I am still having trouble with teh swelling in the knee, I go to ortho dr next week not really sure what will happen, I look for him to just keep me in PT for a while.

My chest has been having tightness for a while now and I get sent away from the adult cardio clinc. They just do not seem to care about my CHDs yes I have had a repair in 1991 but I still have 2 I feel they should be checked all the time. So my primary dr is the only one who is concern about the tightness and the new CHD, so he is sending me back to my peditric cardio dr, but I am not certain he will be do concern due to my age. But it is like I am stuck between the young & the old I am to young to go to adult and to old to go to peds. But If I could just get some type reason or findings from a dr.

So last wednessday I had to be rushed to nearest ER by ambulance because the tightness was getting tighter and the pressure and it was hurting when I was taking deep breaths. Well they started an IV and bag of fluids on the ambulance and gave me 6 baby aspirin and a nitroglycerin. Before I knew it I was in the hospital room. ER dr on call never found out what is causing the tightness. He ran my heart enzymes like a number of times but the only forsure thing is that I do not have any blood clots. He did say that there was something he said it could be scar tissue or the chest wire but he was un certain. So again here we go again with everything from tests and needle sticks.

There is a saying that people will often tell me they say Hang in there it wil get better but the truth is that it never truly fully gets better I mean maybe for a little whilebut then as soon as you think your in the clear something hits you right back down. But to tell ya the truth I am 25 years old I am use to it by now it is my life and there is nothing I can except get right back up and fight it again. I born into this world fighting for life so I guess I will keep fighting for as long as I can. I am a survivor and with god standing by myside I can do anything. I just get aggravted and annoyed at times it gets old after a while.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Hello everyone this is Mother's Day Weekend 2011. I pretty much gave my mom her Mother's Day gift yesterday took her and my mamaw to dinner last night it was fun seeing my mamaw get out to go somewhere other then the doctor's office.

Since its Mother's Day weekend I would like to share a few of my favorite photos with me and my mom, and before I begain let me just say My mom is a very strong person, but any woman who will never give up on their CHD baby is very strong. I am truly blessed to have a mother like her she never once gave up on me and she never will she is the one who makes me fight for life all the time I truly do not know where I would be with out my mom.

The picture above was taken in 2007 at a Jo Dee Messina concert Meet & Greet and I was thrilled I was able to share that moment in time with my mom

I hope that all you mother's out their is spending time with their children and you cherish each moment with them. I  am not blessed to be a Mother yet well unless count 4 legged creatures then I am a mother to 4, 3 little cats and a dog.

I would like to give you folks an update on me for the last week I have been  having chest tightness in my chest, it feels like a 100lb weight is pressed upon my chest. I have been having these episodes for the last 3 years. I have been going to adult cardio doctors but they are not to concern about it however I am very concerned it comes and goes something must be cauding these pains. I go to peds cardio on may 27 so hopefully Dr. Jackson will know what to do and what test to run.

As far as my knee I have yet to receive a phone call to start PT I sure am wanting it to be very soon.

Sadly we lost another little baby with the CHD battle little Savannah was taken off machines yesterday at 7pm EST she was only 2 weeks old. Fly High Little one she has gained her angel wings and I am praying for her family.

When I hear of little babies & Children who die from CHD I often sit back and think about my life. It seems that we have been loosing many little ones with the battle of CHD. I cant help but ask why me, why am I here and they arent. I know we are not suppose to question the works of God but I cant seem to help it at times. From 1985-2011 you would think that with the advancements in times and technology things would change. And to think I did not have my CHD repair surgery until I was 6 years old. Many of sleepless nights for my family. But I am her to tell my story and as I always say If I can help just one person then it is well worth it.

An graphic I made for my mom last year she is a huge Aggie Fan and I am huge Vol fan My room is orange & White and her living room is in Aggies. But we have common bond with the SAINTS!

This is the most recent photo of my mom and me with my sister

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's Everywhere