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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recovering from Surgery

I know Im not doing a very good job on the entire update thing, but everything happes at the same time. Like I had knee surgery last week, Mamaw was in hospital she finally gets to come home today so thats a BIG plus.

I know this is mostly a site I started for the Heart however its also my personal blog that I use and this post is to let yall know how Im doing on Surgery.

So my ortho dr which I wanna add that he has the cutest smile to be a dr but anyways he told my parents everything was fine the surgery went well and he cut the cartledge to re align the knee cap and he also like shaved some un wanted fluid that was around my knee. and he said I would hurt and it be a long recovery and it is. I have a disk of the entire surgery but I have not watched it yet and yes I will put it to video hopefully soon.

Today has been excatly one week since surgery and my knee still is pretty painful but Im trying to get up more and more each day I cant wait until I go to dr on Friday and Im hoping that i can at least put a little weight on my knee I know Ill still have these darn crutches for a while but if I could at least walk on it that would be so much better.  My mom has been a huge help taking real good care of me and everything also taking care of Mamaw so I just wanted to say Thanks to my mom and that she is a real big help and Im very blessed to have parents like I do.

Ill try one day next week to write more on some CHD ideas and news.

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